pay dues

Venmo – Monthly dues or miscellaneous payments

To pay Dues or Miscellaneous payments by Venmo, log into Venmo online or into your Venmo app, and send your payment to @OneVoiceIndy.

PayPal – Monthly Dues

To pay your dues using PayPal or a credit card, select the dues member type (OV Primary or Dual) and click on Add to Cart. On the next page you can change the quantity, to pay multiple months at one time. If you want to help defray the PayPal fees charged to One Voice, you can include an additional amount using the Miscellaneous Payment. See the table below for information on how much PayPal will take (and OV will not get) as processing fees, based on the  number of months you are paying and which dues type you are paying.

Dues Type

PayPal – Miscellaneous Payments @ $1

To pay other fees, add this Miscellaneous item to the shopping cart for $1 and adjust the quantity to equal the amount being paid. Be sure to enter the reason for the miscellaneous payment.

Reason for Payment

Fees deducted by PayPal/Venmo

# Months Fee if paying Full dues ($30/mo.) Fee if paying Dual dues ($20/mo)
1 $0.96 $0.74
2 $1.62 $1.18
3 $2.28 $1.62
4 $2.94 $2.06
5 $3.60 $2.5
6 $4.26 $2.94
7 $4.92 $3.38
8 $5.58 $3.82
9 $6.24 $4.26
10 $6.90 $4.70
11 $7.56 $5.14
12 $8.22 $5.58